freeware network packets analysis tool


SiLK, the System for Internet-Level Knowledge, is a collection of netflow tools developed by the CERT/AC to facilitate security analysis in large networks. SiLK consists of a suite of tools which collect and examine netflow data, allowing analysts to rapidly query large sets of data. SiLK was explicitly designed with a tradeoff in mind: while traffic summaries do not provide packet-by-packet (in particular, payload) information, they are also considerably more compact and consequently can be used to acquire a wider view of network traffic problems.

SiLK consists of two sets of tools: a packing system and analysis suite. The packing system receives Netflow V5 PDU's and converts them into a more space efficient format, recording the packed records into service-specific binary flat files. The analysis suite consists of tools which can read these flat files and then perform various query operations, ranging from per-record filtering to statistical analysis of groups of records. The analysis tools interoperate using pipes, allowing a user to develop a relatively sophisticated query from a simple beginning.

The vast majority of the current code-base is implemented in C, Perl, or Python. This code has been tested on Linux, Solaris, Free/OpenBSD, AIX and Mac OS X, but should be usable with little or no change on other Unix platforms.

The SiLK software components are released under the GPL.


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