mankeert nog een glazen bol

Dit stond op security-protocols.com en werd zaterdag gepost.
Op dezelfde dag waren de eerste doom virussen al aan het rondgaan. Zijn commentaar hierop kan - nu - niet meer voorzienend geweest zijn ....
Linux threatens US security, SCO tells Congress 

The SCO Group has confirmed that it sent a letter to all 535 members of the US Congress which claimed that Linux and open-source software is a threat to the security and economy of the US.

The letter, dated 8 January, was published on the internet this week by an open-source lobbying organisation called the Open Source and Industry Alliance (OSAIA). The letter states that the commoditising influence of open-source software such as Linux is bad for the US economy and argues that open source also skirts export controls governing commercial products.Ill have to say that I totally disagree with SCO. The SCO group are making them selves a very large target.

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