ik ben hier niet geweest

EndorPhin is an application which promotes both privacy and freedom of speech in webbrowsing. Acting as a middle man in the HTTP transaction, it retrieves the data for you, without having your computer touch the remote server once. The program is highly customisable and provides a rich option set by which to fine tune the browsing experience.
EndorPhin only sends the initial data by HTTP POST which means that it is not readable by someone browsing through your history. With the advanced features coming in version 2, data will be sent encrypted, making it even more of a job to trace you.
The best biti about EndorPhin of course, is that since it has no illegal content (we hope) it won't be blocked and thus, data coming from EndorPhin will be trusted and will go unchecked by content filters and the like, which can often times become very tedious.
je kan je gratis inschrijven op www.bit-labs.net en dan gebruik maken ervan.

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