google heeft nog een copie van gigabytes site

De site is verdwenen van het net - maar de cache niet uit Google (trefwoorde gigabyte+virus)
haar virussen zijn

Some of Gigabyte's viruses explained:

Summer 2003
Displays a graphical game where the recipient must throw coconuts at the heads of Belgian hacker, Frans Devaere, and Sophos's Graham Cluley. Each hit ensures that one less file on the recipient's computer will be infected.

Winter 2003
An email-aware worm that spreads via a screensaver called MathMagic.scr. If users run the attachment, it forwards the virus onto everyone in the Windows address book. The virus also attempts to disinfect any infections of W32/Yaha-K. However, due to bugs, it may fail to do this correctly.

Spring 2002
An email-aware worm pretending to be a Windows Update communication. The Sharp virus is a proof of concept virus because it is first virus to be written in C#, a Microsoft's programming language, which can run natively on .NET platforms.

Summer 2001
An email-aware worm with an infected attached file called parrot.scr. There is also a virus which renames files in the Windows directory, and drops an audio file that played when the virus is run. It also drops a VBS file displaying a message box which includes offensive text about anti-virus researcher Graham Cluley.

opgelet als je haar virussen zoekt in online viruscollecties, zoek enkel met internet explorer in hoogste security en je antivirus en zone-alarm in evenzeer.


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