Alleen nog maar big boys

Open source "software is usually not in a form that can readily be integrated with existing systems or compatible with off-the-shelf packages. Users have to therefore provide their own, often extensive technical support" - Controller and Auditor-General's report, as quoted in the recent Public Accounts Committee's software licensing report). Sun and IBM on the other hand are known suppliers with longer experience of dealing with government than Microsoft.

But by working with large companies who position themselves as 'taking the risk out of open source', government is missing the point, and basically treating open source as just another proprietary alternative.
Dus is het niet meer Microsoft tegen Open source maar Microsoft tegen IBM en SUN met onderdelen van open source, gevolgd door hun consultants en zware serverinstellingen. En voor Sun en IBM zelfs tegen zichzelf, want waarom nog IBM websphere of Solaris nemen als beide firma's ook linux leveren ?

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