cisco - nieuwe veiligheidsfuncties

The company has added a feature called the IP Source Tracker that can help administrators find the entry point through which a denial-of-service attack is coming into the network. The tracker works by instructing a router that is in the attack stream to find the next closest upstream router, which then does the same thing until the tracker finds the device at the edge of the network that is letting in the attack traffic.
Cisco also has added a feature to IOS, known as control plane policing, that, among other things, gives administrators a dedicated management channel into routers, even when the machines are being overwhelmed by DoS attack traffic. And IOS also now includes what Cisco is calling a "transparent firewall," a feature that is designed to simplify the creation of security zones on networks

wow, want door die beveiligde zones is het mogelijk om aparte onderdelen van je netwerk, zelfs in de moeilijkste omstandigheden, compleet af te zonderen van de rest van je netwerk en normaal te laten voortwerken.

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