alert : virussen verspreiden valse webshops

There is an operation of fake online shops running on infected home computers, which are being controlled by hackers or criminals," Mikko Hyppoenen, head of anti-virus research at Finland's F-Secure, told AFP on Monday.
To avoid being traced, the websites move from computer to computer, leaving buyers with no other real information than the the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the infected machine that registered their credit card information.
There are hundreds of infected computers being used, and the websites are changing locations every 10 minutes or so," Hyppoenen noted.
Many of the fraudulent websites appear to be legitimate online software vendors, offering popular computer programs for a fraction of their real price, and often their services are advertised through spam messages, Hyppoenen said

iets waar we dus al een paar maanden over spreken hier, virussen hebben backdoors en die hebben die niet zomaar, daar is een reden toe

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