hoe open je eenvoudig paswoord beschermde worddocumenten

Hoe beschermde word-documenten omzeilen en openen

How to bypass word passwords voor changes Win2K en XPExample 1

1) Open MS Word with a new/blank page

2) Now select "Insert" >> "File" >> browse for your password protected doc & select "Insert" & "Insert" password protected doc into your new/blank doc

3) Now select "Tools" & Whey hey, voila, there's no longer an "Unprotect document" ... password vanished ...

Example 2

1) Open your password protected doc in MS Word i.e. you can't edit protected fields (apparently)

2) Save as a Rich Text Format (RTF) & keep this RTF file open in MS Word (YES, keep open)

3) Whilst your new RTF file is open in MS Word, go "File Open" & find your newly saved RTF file & open (YES, you DO need to do 'tis even though you already have it open)

4) If prompted to revert say YES, if not prompted stay calm. Now in your MS Word menu go & "Unprotect document",

amazingly, voila, you don't get prompted for a password

http://packetstormsecurity.nl/0403-exploits/MSWordPW.txt  Of waarom dacht je dat men veel beter domme pdf zou gebruiken ? Zie http://freeware.skynetblogs.be

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