this is worth all the time

Even if this takes time and effort and abuse (from others). There are times that you can say to yourself that you are on the right track. So even if this information system isn't perfect - I am doing this all alone in my spare time and after 'family quality time' - it does have some results I am quite proud of. Volunteers are always welcome  to build further on this.
I was quite proud of being faster and more complete than the BIPT, the Belgian Service that is paid to inform the belgian network administrators of new viruses and dangers but does nothing of its kind worth mentioning. I am quite proud of having visitors from all over the world and looking at the search terms, searching for virus information that the big sites don't find important. The big lesson I am getting from this is that some viruses-trojans are creeping along, but aren't really getting noticed by the big companies because their numbers are small in comparaison to the big outbreaks. But these outbreaks aren't permanent, they get cleaned up afterwards. The creeping trojans on the other hand are just slowly building their webs bots) and have no interest in publicity.
The consequence is that the ekz network will now be solely in english. The other reason for this is that I am having too little time to translate and that most of the copied information was in english anyway. I am not sure what to do with the old flemish parts - it will depend on time and what is happening in the online world. Today can be calm and tomorrow we can have a crisis.
No, I am being proud because only today Trend Micro and the others discovered the only Mac Virus hidden in a mp3 file. This is 4 DAYS after the news was published here. It means that if this technique of getting code into the ID3-tag of mp3's is transferred to windows code that mp3 is finished in its present form or we have to download a cleaner that will automatically clean the music files from all the textfiles that come with it. That is also to say that network administrators can now stop all mp3 traffic at their networks because the file format has become dangerous and don't have to engage in a discussion over privacy, control en internet usage rights. If the format is a virus danger for your network, you can block it anyway for security reasons, point final.
So subscribe to the updates, you will never know what you can miss out.
I wish to thank the 1000 visitors a week to the network, of which more and more come often because they have put it in their favourites. It is the only reason I do this. To serve. To proof that with a good organisation of information and sources, you can be faster than the wind and secure your network or you computer before all hell breakes lose (and even before the virus companies have found a protection).
Some new vulnerabilities and exploits are being published that will make the coming weeks dangerous en interesting. So stay ahead with me, or try like me. And if you have spare time to help on this volunteer project, don't hesitate and contact me. Because together we can be stronger and faster than the mob. Because people have a right to a secure internet environment just as they have with their telephones (untill now).
happy Len

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