disable bluebooth for now

MILLIONS of people risk having personal information stored in their mobile phones stolen by a hi-tech electronic eavesdropping device, experts warned yesterday. It would enable pedophiles, terrorists and industrial spies to hack into handsets without the victims even realising. Everything stored - not only phone numbers but increasingly diary entries, photographs, credit card pin numbers, home alarm systems and Internet banking sites - can be stolen using a laptop and a simple piece of software. The hacker can strike from up to 90m away, downloading the information in seconds http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/printpage/0,5942,9295316,00.html What to do : do not use bluebooth or desactivate it, period. Imagine there are even investors dreaming up 'flirting applications and messages' based upon bluebooth. I could be anywhere around you, inserting things you didn't want others to know or to say yourself to the guy/girl you are sending a message to (with inserted f. words).

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