protect your word documents make them pdf

A beta version of the tool to automatically detect and index change tracking information in a collection of Word documents published on a website (or stored on disk, mounted via SMB/NFS, etc) is now available. This tool written and used by Michal Zalewski allowed him to recovery very interesting information off the Word file given out by Microsoft, as can be see at: http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/strikeout/. Remember the Iraq investigation in the UK. Well, most of its information came from the changelogs of the official Worddocuments. So what did they do afterwards. Everything is in pdf now.  find freeware pdf tools in http://freeware.skynetblogs.be

http://www.law.com/jsp/statearchive.jsp?type=Article&... Lawyers and Technology: Word Can Phone Home The ability to bug Word documents arises from a useful feature in the program. If there is an image on a Web site that you would like to display in a document, you can simply create a link to the image, rather than paste it into the document. This is a space-saving feature; it is also an invitation to mischief. You can create an image that is literally the size of a dot -- one pixel by one pixel. The dot, whose only purpose is to track the document, is too small to notice

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