Bots are attacking firewalls

We have had a few reports that makes it appear that a new version of the phatbot is running around the Internet today. Along with probes on tcp ports 2745, 1025, 3127, 6129, 5000, 80 and MS netbios (rpc/dcom attacks), we have now seen reports of port 1433 being included as well. This may lend itself to a new variant that attempts to break SQL server ports as well as the other vulnerabilities already exploited.  There has also been conjecture that the port 1981 increase is potentially also connected to another variant of phatbot
source Internet storm center

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routers are open to attack

The routers, which make our traffic coming where it should have some serious vulnerabilities with the BGP protocol. More info http://patch.skynetblogs.be

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questions for microsoft and its patches

1.By making such superpatches Microsoft obliged everyone at the same time to download them from the same sites - and crashed the whole thing. Wouldn't it be better that those patches are mirrored around the world by partner-sites

2. By making such superpatches Microsoft made a religion of its second Tuesday celebration. Some of these things should have been patched already long before. I am not sure but shouldn't certain kind of networks or internetservers be patched immediately ?

3. By making such superpatches available to everybody at the same time, Microsoft obliges the network administrators to install the patches without much testing because the possibility is quite high that exploits can be made available in 48 hours. If the network administrators with a SUS could receive it on friday, than they could test the consequences in their test-environments before.

4. Is it for a mogul like Microsoft impossible to make it extremely difficult to reverse-engineer their patches ?

5. Is it so difficult for the security community to stop publishing vulnerabilities with the exploit code for microsoft applications until after - let's say - 2 patch cycles. Ok information is important. But what is more important, knowing that internet explorer can send automatically pages to the printer and that Microsoft is working on the problem or the full disclosure with the code to do it enclosed ? (http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/360007/2004-04-06/... full disclosure is illegal in France)

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is telecommunication infrastructure public

As a principal attorney for the Baller Herbst Law Group, Jim baller has fought these interests on behalf of local governments and utilities for the right to build and operate new telecommunication networksr http://news.com.com/2008-1037_3-5190220.html

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don't be blind or pay the price

Deaf, blind and dyslexic users are all being let down badly by the majority of website designers and online publishers, who fail to take into account their special needs, according to the reportThe Disabled Rights Commission singled out websites such as online travel agents and banks as being particularly remiss because they have the potential to save disabled customers trips to the high street but are failing to do so. And Struan Robertson, an associate solicitor at law firm Masons, says many more companies are going to have to follow suit or risk legal action for discrimination under accessibility laws introduced in 1999 and clarified in 2002 that spell out the obligations that websites have to meet http://www.silicon.com/management/government/0,39024677,39119960,00.htm

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save the children

http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/crime/story.jsp?story=51... Detectives in a global crackdown on suspected paedophiles rescued more than 100 British children from abusers, officers at a seminar in Birmingham said yesterday. The international investigation, Operation Ore, has tracked thousands of suspects around the world as part of its two-year probe into internet child-porn users. An estimated 102 children in Britain were saved from situations where they were either being abused or were at risk from abuse. Officers searched 4,100 homes and arrested 3,500 people. Of them, 1,670 were charged and 1,230 convicted.  Links to anti-pedo sites or where you can report it are at http://porno.skynetblogs.be  

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protect your word documents make them pdf

A beta version of the tool to automatically detect and index change tracking information in a collection of Word documents published on a website (or stored on disk, mounted via SMB/NFS, etc) is now available. This tool written and used by Michal Zalewski allowed him to recovery very interesting information off the Word file given out by Microsoft, as can be see at: http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/strikeout/. Remember the Iraq investigation in the UK. Well, most of its information came from the changelogs of the official Worddocuments. So what did they do afterwards. Everything is in pdf now.  find freeware pdf tools in http://freeware.skynetblogs.be

http://www.law.com/jsp/statearchive.jsp?type=Article&... Lawyers and Technology: Word Can Phone Home The ability to bug Word documents arises from a useful feature in the program. If there is an image on a Web site that you would like to display in a document, you can simply create a link to the image, rather than paste it into the document. This is a space-saving feature; it is also an invitation to mischief. You can create an image that is literally the size of a dot -- one pixel by one pixel. The dot, whose only purpose is to track the document, is too small to notice

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