too little, too late

The belgian secretary of state responsible for the informatisation sent today a warning to people not to communicate personal and financial details when responding to email. He is responding to the alarming rise in fishing scams. http://spam.skynetblogs.be  Well, this is too little (where is the security portal that is being built in other countries) and too late (in crisiscommunication you have to communicate before, during and after until everybody knows the rules by heart).
1. Never open mail you didn't expect or ask confirmation before opening but never do that for spam (don't even open spam) (text confirmation : If you did sent me that, reply to this message, if you didn't do nothing it was probably a virus and I will destroy it)
2. Never open attachments, surely no password protected zipfiles
3. Never sent any personal details by mail
4. Always check your antivirus or get one free (http://antivirus.skynetblogs.be)
5. Intall an personal firewall (also at the address above)

Do never trust your mail more than your real life postbox.

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