hackers against america


http://hackusa.narod.ru/  The HAA is online. In the next days we will add a lot of things. American documents stoled, hints and tips for invading american computers, ideas of how to make a virus to infect only IPs of USA and much, much more... Hackers against America is a group of hackers from all over the world with only one objetive: to terminate the tirany of the United States of America, attacking it with digital weapons. We already have members from all over the world. The foundators are from Brazil, Russia, China and Hong Kong. Send an e-mail for hackersagainstamerica@yahoo.com.hk if you want to join us !!

Their first action ?

and  NASA is not THAT safer, you know?. Oh, you think I am kidding? Think again. What fucking organization would be vulnerable to SQL INJECTION?????Yes, NASA is. Well, just a section of their website. What section? http://ldcm.nasa.gov/RISKMGR/home.asp login: ‘or’’=’    password: ‘or’’=’ What do we got there??? LANDSAT. Satellite Launching System

Their first files

the code files of mydoom, sasser and netsky and a worm generator

Russia is the wild wild cyberwest

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