everything a bit quiet here

For the moment it is a bit quiet on this network and the reason is that we are installing lots of new security tools in our network and that I am just happy at the end of the day not to look at a computer.
Maybe of interest. But how did we keep the network of 1500 posts free of any virus since january. Well, there is a special antivirus for the mail, one other that is installed on all the servers and the desktops and laptops and a great one that controls all the traffic coming in and going out whatever the protocol ( mail, surfing, ftp,...). We see that there are nowadays more viruses on websites than ever before.
and when all the work will be done, I hope that by the end of 2005 i can declare that my network is as secure as it can be giving the funds and people that are at our disposal.
New updates will follow in the coming days. But i like to profit a bit of the relative calm in the security field to concentrate on the very demanding job tasks at the moment.

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