massive germal neo nazi spam attack

For the moment some belgian institutions are trying to stop a massive load of german language neo nazi spam with links to german neo-nazi sites being bombarded to them by hacked belgian zombies. One of the characteristics is that it sends 10 to 20 mails each minute so that the owner of the hacked pc doesn't notice. The Belgian ISP's have before refused to stop those zombies from using their networks. In the States they do nowadays.
The characteristics of the mail are that they are entirely in german and do not have always the same links and that each barrage of 10 mails has something different. It is extremely difficult to place filters because the mails are changing too fast.
Most of the mails have not existant mail adresses as from and to address and generate administrative mails. You can limit the effect by setting the retrial of non-delivered mail to maximum 1 hour and retry every 30 minutes. If you see that the amount of administrative mail is getting heavy with a certain other mailserver, contact the person responable to ask him or her to limit also this trying to deliver undelivered mail.  Keep your mail server under close scrutiny and contact the service provider to do the same; it is weekend very soon and this can get out of control.
The mails do not have any virus or attachment.
It is wise to ask your members of staff not to click on the links nor send these mails to anyone else, keeping in mind the belgian legislation.
It is even wiser to have a disclaimer under all your email.
This is an example of why cyberattacks start in Belgium, why we need more responsable and proactive belgian ISP's and strigenter security legislation in Belgium.

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