yahoo new style with 100MB mail

get your free 100MB of mail with a good antispam and antivirus
and if you can't manage 100MB you won't surely manage 1 giga
and who likes a mailbox in which you can't delete your own mails
http://gmail-is-too-creepy.com/ that is why yahoo is better
A "bug" in Google's test email system, Gmail, temporarily gave some users one terabyte of free storage, 1000 times the one gigabyte that the Web search company is currently offering to lure people away from rivals Yahoo and Microsoft.
But those testing the service in its beta version are able to invite a small number friends to join, a loophole that has created a kind of an underground market on the Internet as people from around the world angle to secure the most desirable email addresses.
As of Monday afternoon, there were nearly 300 Gmail listings on Web auction site eBay covering invitations and sales of already registered usernames. Some invitations were fetching bids of around $100 (£55.9), while a listing for the address "f.smith@gmail.com" from a seller in Quebec City had so far only landed a bid of $1.29
Everyone's talking about Gmail, but it's still only a handful of lucky ducks who have snagged an account. And while the rest of us go hungry, you can be sure that the best email addresses are being gulped down by nefarious hooligans.

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