how to close down someone's hotmail account

simple : mail to hotmail that they are spammers and the account will be closed down immediately without any checking
http://privacy.msn.com/anti-spam/?ST=1&pgmarket=en-us... this is the hotmail anti spam policy
Report Junk E-Mail to MSN Hotmail

If you have an MSN Hotmail account, follow the steps below to report junk e-mail you are receiving.
Now reporting Junk E-mail takes just three easy steps:
  1. Select the message in your Inbox you want to report as junk e-mail.
  2. Click the Junk button, located on the toolbar of your Inbox.
  3. Choose either to report the selected message, or to report the message and block future messages from its sender.
If you do not have an MSN Hotmail account, follow the steps below to report junk e-mail coming from an MSN Hotmail account:
  1. Consult your e-mail program’s online Help to determine how to view full message header information. MSN Hotmail will need this information to identify the true origin of the junk e-mail message you received.
  2. Look for this line of text in the message header: X-originating-IP. For example:
    Sat 02 June 2001 13:47:27 PST
    X-Originating IP: [123.4.567.89]
    From: "False Address"
  3. If you are unable to locate an X-originating-IP line in the header of the message, this indicates the message has been forged and is not from a legitimate account. Unfortunately, we are unable to take action against this account because it does not implicate a member.
  4. If the message header contains an “X-Originating-IP” line, forward a complete copy of the message (including the full message header) to report_spam@hotmail.com.

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