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Not sure if you would see it, but reports are coming in that Microsoft sites and some other sites in different parts of the world aren't reachable anymore for some limited time. The supervisors have for now no clear explanation, but remember the attacks on the core infrastructure of the biggest internet routing and hosting provider. Those attacks were professionally prepared and executed and it wouldn't surprise anyone in the security business that they were just the testing of a concept. Two years ago they attacked the sites directly, which worked for some time (but the sites moved to akamai to protect themselves), then they attacked the core dns infrastructure of the web, but failed (and that infrastructure has been reinforced since), now they attack akamai that helped both to survive....
Moreover, there was no suspicious Internet traffic or DNS patterns to suggest that such a massive and distributed attack had taken place, said Craig Labovitz, director of network architecture at Arbor Networks Inc., a Lexington, Mass., provider of DoS mitigation technologies. Arbor's network monitoring tools are installed on several carrier networks around the world. In any case, the event was marked by being a step beyond "simple bandwidth attacks" on individual Web sites to more sophisticated targeting of core upstream Internet routers, DNS servers and bandwidth bottlenecks, according to Labovitz. "It's a fairly scary escalation," Labovitz said. "What we are seeing is a shift away from completely brain-dead attackers to folks who know a little bit about the network topology, trace routes and about where the DNS might live" on a network, he said
On http://netwerk.skynetblogs.be are some links to sites that monitor the situation permanently.

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