a good virus year

McAfee Inc. said on Monday it expected 2004 to be a record year in terms of the total number of "successful" viruses and worms, due to smarter malicious code writers and the still-common practice of computer users opening virus-laden messages.

Brian Mann, a virus outbreak manager at McAfee, said that at current rates up to 100 successful viruses and worms could run across the Internet by the end of this year compared with a total of 20 for all of 2003.

"We're already in record territory now" in terms of the number of successful viruses, which are assessed by McAfee as a "medium-risk" to "high-risk" threat, Mann said.


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the 9/11 commission report

http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/911Report.pdf  (pdf version)
http://www.gpoaccess.gov/911/index.html (pdf version)
http://pdfhacks.com/911Report/pdfportal-1.0/pdffile.php?p... enhanced pdf version)
http://www.kottke.org/plus/misc/911commission.html (html version)
http://asmallvictory.net/911_Report.txt (text version)
http://vivisimo.com/911 (re-organized report by subject-clusters)

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and how are going to defend against this ?

If One could bypass the protection of bios updates of computerchips
It this could be possible, we would have a hack of a problem.

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found the source code club

Self-dubbed the Source Code Club, the group -- which last week shuttered its Ukrainian-hosted Web site -- has moved operations to a Usenet newsgroup, according to a message posted to the Full Disclosure security mailing list by someone claiming to be “Larry Hobbles.”
The club reiterated its offers: the Dragon source code for $16,000, and the Napster source code -- which Roxio purchased from the defunct file-sharing service, but does not use in its resurrected version of Napster -- for $10,000. Users may purchase the code in chunks, said the Source Code Club, and use a variety of online payment services to transfer the money.
original message by them
the end of the site
Source code club can be found here
we are offering the
  official Enterasys Dragon Intrusion Defense System at a very
  small price: $16,000 USD. This package includes the entire Dragon
  source archive and build scripts, which allow you to build and
  test the system.  The secrets behind Dragon have built Enterasys
  into one of the internet's top security companies.
  The SCC team does not expect you to trust us.  To address this
problem,  we will split up the information into many files and
you may purchase each part for a fraction of the total price.  As
your confidence grows with SCC, you may feel compelled to purchase
these parts in bulk. Here is an example:
We are offering you a ~1 gigabyte compressed file for $10,000.
We offer this file in 20 50 megabyte parts at $500 per part
(10,000/20).  You send us $500, we send you part 1.  You send
another $500, we send part 2.  You choose to send $1000 and we
send parts 3 and 4, etc etc.  The rate that you purchase pieces is
entirely up to you.  As your confidence grows, we know that you
will choose bigger pieces.
and everything is encrypted

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every little bit helps

The internet storm center wants your logs from your personal firewalls - help them
Do you run a personal firewall on your DSL/Cable Modem connection? We are looking for more small (1-16 IPs) firewall log submitters. Its not all that hard to get started. See http://www.dshield.org/howto.php for details. If you have a nice script to setup a Linux system to submit logs, share it with us. We do have parsers/clients for many many different firewalls of all sizes.

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bypass firewalls

"Your Freedom" is a service that enables you to mainly do two things:

a) Bypass Firewalls

b) Stay anonymous

The software is currently in an "Open Beta" phase, meaning that you can download it and use the service absolutely free of charges.

The only thing you need to do to be able to download and use the "Your Freedom" client is to register on this web site with a valid email address.
Once you have registered, your password will be sent to you and you can access the download link on the page to get the client software.


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new security blog in the making

http://scam.skynetblogs.be will be informing about new scams, anti scam sites and tips and what to look out for
hope you appreciate it,

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