stopping most of the blogs

First there were and are the permanent troubles with the blogs here. Sometime things work, than they don't. And there is no evolution around here, no perspective. With blogger for example, you can work with different people on a blog.
Secondly, the tests have shown that blogs aren't the best forum for permanent information, they are just good for good and fast information and I am going to reactivate my website with the new stuff I have here.
The blogs that will stay alive are ekz and virusalerts. The rest I will see what I will do with them. But the information will be headed over to a website.
Some new blogs may be created, but they will have nothing to do with technology. Poetry and experiments mostly.
I won't be gone but I won't be spending too much time any more around here. Just the most important alerts and information will be posted here and news about the updates on the new website, coming to you in september.
be safe, don't trust anything anymore

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