meanwhile in internetland

Well, as I am slowly daily building on my www.securingit.tk website which would give a better overview of the different resources and information I work with or I have used, the internetland is not becoming safer.
Firstly you should go to the website www.windowsupdate.com and get the latest patches.
There has been no serious virus or exploit using the technique all website are now publishing about in big screaming letters (getting code behind a graphic, whatever the name of the graphic). There have been exploits with code in urls (and that you can get behind a graphic) and there is something called stenography (which is about getting text behind graphics, and isn't code text ?). So you don't have to cry panic, but it isn't wise to continue to put pictures out of the scanning range of your antivirus (but that wasn't the case, I suppose).
Oh yes, the users van Mozilla, winzip, acrobat reader should also upgrade urgently.
Now I will continue working on the other website and I will be back here from the beginning in october with the fast food urgent news here and the resources there, but let me first get my resources a bit better in order (there are already some hundred resources there, but i am not statisfied yet).
a bit of patience and if you don't have it, read this www.bloglines.com/public/ekz

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