starting to get back here

It takes some time to realise that i promised to start back working here and getting the info shared with the rest of the world, so this can become a more secure network - for all of us.
After a 2003 of chaos and viruses, 2004 has been a year without in my network (thanks to the gatedefender) and so I am doing like most of other people around me, working hard and getting all the time to do so. I am not obliged to look at the virus news every day trying to limit the damage, we didn't have anything of any importance. So i tend to forget.
But outside the network things are getting out of hand on both sides. Several networks stop now all attachments in their mail, gifs included and the first gifs with trojan code have been launched in instant messenging networks.
From monday i'll be back
with the worst and the best of the unsecure internet and the things to protect you

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