internet explorer stays unsafe

Here we have two examples of how to bypass the zoning restrictions (between your local computer and the internet) in your internet explorer. It seems really simple to execute, but very difficult to stop because
the only way to stop this is, is to get a new internet explorer that has no connection whatsoever with your local computer and your network, for which you use another program. Integration seemed fine at the time, but it has become the most spectacular single point of failure. And if anyone thought that you could really build a wall between the two in the same application than they are as smart as Honnecker was.
the only thing you can do yourself is set your internet explorer in the highest security possible. It takes some time in the beginning to add your sites to the trusted sites and to decide each time if you want scripts to be executed or not, but after a while it seems the least of trouble.
patch, none, just surf safely, don't click on things you don't know and turn of active scripting (which is the only thing microsoft can advise for the moment). This is how to do it http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;q...


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