Internet Storm Center shuts botnets down

The internet storm center is finally organizing itself and the rest of the industry to shut the botnetcontrollers down. Botnets are computers that are infected with a virus that opens certain ports for spammers and other frauds. The controllers are the computers that send the tasks that these computers have to do (ex send spam).
If you want to report one of them, you need to make a full report (whois data and the names of ports that are used to control the infected machines included). They have seen also that IRC is now also working on other than the standard IRC ports. If you don't have the full information about the IRC Channel the botcontroller is using, just reboot the machine and the full info (including nick names) will be giving if you monitor all connections on that machine.
Everything will be doublechecked by them. http://isc.sans.org/contact.php
When will our isp's take the bots of our networks ?

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