america and the high tech vote

the battle state will be Ohio were Bush won very narrowly last time and where the Democrats have now recruited thousands of new voters, of which many the Republicans will contest .... on election day. This will not be the only contest. If the race stays as equal and the vote looks like the polls the winner will have to get Ohio where the vote is not electronic but with the good old punch cards. Last time 90.000 of these cards were refused because of not being clearly intended. So will it be a thriller (who is chicken) or will the vote be stolen again (as polls indicate nearly 40% of the electorate think - 46% say they will vote democrat, so only 6% of the Democrat voters think the election will be just).
In the kingdom of technology it all comes down to paper, observers, lawyers and judges and hard politics, no bits and no wires. Good old politics.
only a pitty this is the election of the most important and powerful person on earth and not a satirical theatre play.

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