a phone call from base

as i am not really deciding to switch or stay it seems firms are getting to interest me.
Last year we used base and imode. We got a free new really beautiful phone and paid 7 euro a month for ibase. We now realise we will never use it and never did. First we realised that almost all the services aren't free. Ok so we have paid for our mobile.
Now a lady calls from base. I say we aren't interested in imode, so she would have to come with another offer. Why. Because you have to pay for every line you read and emailing we don't really do, we sms or talk. But shey says that you have to pay for the information services of i-mode because they are virusfree. This sucks. Security is the beginning, not the extra, free or not. And you shouldn't be paying extra to get it as a customer.
95% of all customers in belgium use the wrong mobile service or package says Test Aankoop a customer research center. So we will have our hands free soon and tell you what we have found out.

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