a pr - poll from Telenet

In Flanders we are faced with a monopoly by the private-public partnership Telenet that controls nearly all the cable television networks and decided last year to double it price yearly (after the flemish government decided to abolish the tax on it - so they stole that benefit). Afterwards they reorganised all the channels upwards the frequency - to make room for the fantasy dream of digital tv that the same firm would like to sell us this year. Problem was that everybody with an old tv lost at least 8 channels. And then they decided to reorganise some other channels. And now Arte is sometimes in french and sometimes in German, you are never sure. And so on
So when a nice girl phoned me from a polling company asking what I thought of Telenet, I just gave my rightous opinion. I change telephone firms, electricity and gas, zap tv channels and choose my radiostations, but faced with this kind of monopoly I just get angry.
I don't expect much of that poll. It is just a pr stunt and the questions are framed this way
'would you switch to another cable distribution offer if they offer the same channels at the same price'  This would not be the case. Another cable distribution channel would be creazy to offer the same service at the same price. You lower the price or you differentiate the products, but you never just imitate the market leader. you can only beat the market leader if you are the innovation leader or the price breaker.
just pr guys, so don't be surprised to read that 80% of all customers of telenet wouldn't go to a new cable distribution network if it existed.
Just to counter the slowy growing cry to liberate the use of the cable distribution infrastructure - just as we did with the railways and the internetinfrastructure.

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