lista Wildsteina online

Polish list of spies published by a neoconservative journalist. Some of them may be still working for the Polish government or another intelligence agency. So why do you think that security people hate portables, usb harddisks and so on ? Why do you think there are now tools to restrict the kind of information that can be sent out of certain networks.
You can search the database online here (click a letter or a name)
download the file from here  text file in zip not complete I think
http://lista-wildsteina.f6.pl/  the whole bunch  with online search - use for ex freeware httrack to get it all
and now there are thousands of people trying to get the file of the net (no use, too late), trying to get another identity and cleaning up their traces. So if your polish contact or employee or secretary is gone today or tomorrow, you will know why.......

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