bluebooth ? No thanks

after your car, articles are being published about viruses on your tv or in your smart kitchen
and if you read the articles better, it is  not about the technology but about the protocol that connects the machines with each other or with networks
they use bluebooth (now also in many belgian gsm's) and DEFAULT activated
if you don"t need it, just ask to DEACTIVATE bluebooth before you accept it
or deactivate after each time you use it
cabir or skulls is a bluebooth virus disabling your pda or phone
bluebooth whacking is copying your addressbook
quite stupid kids stuff, but that were viruses and spam also some years ago
my previous posts
or intercepting everything you do on your computer thanks to bluebooth on your motherboard
a big notice should be delivered  'bluebooth in installed on this device and we don"t offer any security for this service"

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