all quiet on the blogfront

almost a year ago, there was trouble in blogland over here
and I was involved - even if I didn't wanted to do anything else than let people work together
some people have left and some good blogs are gone
new ones have come - even if the service hasn't ameliorated
a year agon they talked about skynetblogs version 2
didn' see anything coming since
other blogservices are upgrading their service
and the difference becomes clear
now when you have been working a year on your blog, you should be stupid to let it go because you have your visitors and your ranking in the searchengines and your reputation
but where have the IT bloggers gone ?
I would love to work together with our IT bloggers over here
exchanging links and more (blogrolling for example)
or should I extend it to other belgian IT blogs elsewhere - let me know if you care

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