has belgacom found its iceberg

found publicity for unlimited national and local calls and adsl for 25 Euro a month in France
well, it is VOIP (with all the risks, you know)
and some begin installing such boxes here
but just as in the beginning with ADSL
there seem to be some trouble between the competitors and Belgacom about who is responsable for those problems
but just as with ADSL, once that seems to be cleared out.....
meanwhile Belgacom is not making any integrated offer of that kind and that fact alone may be costing itself deerly over time
I understand they want to keep milking the cow, but if they really want to win back the customers that went over to Tele2 and others, this will be the only way
one bill, one helpdesk for your digital tv, your mobile, your adsl and your phone with price reductions each time you subscribe to another service
otherwise Belgacom can have found its Iceberg like the Titanic did......
small on the outside, but a gigantic market waiting for that integration-price reduction
just as hostage-tv distribution users of Telenet wait for a competition with a better offer and better service  (the hickups don't stop, now my TCM channel is of laughable quality and Arte is in German)

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