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IDN is a new domainname protocol that makes it easier for other countries to have domainnames in their particular languages, even if they didn't have the same letters and symbols as english does, as it was in the beginning of the web. It as heralded as the biggest breakthrough of the expansion and internationalisation of the web.
Seems nowadays that as with so many other things, they didn't securize their protocol and the way to register them before launching it publicly. The major problem nowadays with IDN is that there is no blocking mechanism to protect financial and other important sites to have spoofed sites that look like the real one. For example you can have COCA-COLA.com and C0CA-C0LA.com  Only a good observer would see the difference. The basic problem is here is that with the continuing liberalisation and privatization of the domainname business, the more controls are being lifted or neglected (because each control demands paperwork, manhours and would drive up the cost). The last 6 months you can find different cases and articles on the web about the stealing of domainnames this way (false papers, no checking of online transfer of domain demand, etc....)
Mozilla has done the right thing. It has broken the link between its browser and a totally unsecured domainbusiness. Let them bring their house into order and if this is the case, and only them, let them come on the web. As is the case with the alternative domainnames .mp3 etc. Mozilla is not alone. It is becoming standard practise for securitypeople to cut off access to domains (info, biz) or countries where all their spam and other attacks are coming from and their business have no case connecting with or receiving mail from. That is why, if you are launching your online business, get a real international domainname (net, com, org) and forget about the rest, because only those can guarantee you access to the whole world.
There seem to be some technical solutions, but these are only technical and will at some point be circumvented because the only solution is human and nothing else. Or you will create a domain for ebusiness where the control of who really owns the domain is really the person who should own it (like a trademark) and where from the startpage it is clear for everyone that they are at that site and not at another etc......  or you rewrite the rules for controlling the buying and transfering of ebiz domainnames. Just as the biz domain didn't allow any domainname that looked like another in the rest of the domainname and was only created for this reason, the IDN should do the same. This will make things a bit slower, but safer (just as we should drive slower to be safer)
based upon the article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/02/25/mozilla_nixes_idns/

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