SHA-1 cracked or not

http://theory.csail.mit.edu/~yiqun/  the so called proof
a group of chinese hackers-scientists claim they have cracked the encryption method SHA-1 used in many popular applications and hardware (like VPN).
some institutions have already said they will use higher encryption and so on, well good for them, but what about the enormous park of hardware and applications that uses this nowadays ?
maybe, it is just a myth and we are all - like many blogging, citing another source and each other without questioning the facts
remember the human cloning controversy ?
let an international panel of specialists review the proof of concept and the actual tests and results and tell everybody cleary  : it is cracked and now you can scramble (sic) for solutions or nothing is cracked and this is just hype
the idea comes from http://blog.ziffdavis.com/seltzer/archive/2005/02/21/5937...

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