should we close terrorist sites or watch them

it is an continuing discussion, that sometimes reminds me of the discussion about infiltrators in left and rightwing terrorist organisations during the 90's. When is infiltration or in this case, letting exist, becoming more dangerous than the things you hope to achieve with the information you have collected. In the internetworld, the risks are even greater, because with infiltration in a terrorist group you can have actual information to stop the group at the moment it will act and proof that it theser were its intentions, information on the internet can have a much more damaging effect because it is so widescale (without any limit). The more, they know that they are being watched and there are enough technical possibilities to make detection of the communication much more difficult, if not impossible.
Another thing is that those military manuels, the anarchist cookbook, how to make a gun or attack a convoy, you can find this on the underground hackers sites, in Kazaa, the usenet and numerous other places. We will never get this stuff totally off the internet anymore, forget it. And yes that stuff will be found on these terrorist sites.
And what about freedom of opinion you will think. Well, that freedom ends where your freedom of expression becomes a real danger for my life. Organizing terrorist attacks is a bridge too far I think to fall under freedom of expression. Showing videos with terrorist attacks is degusting, but even big news shows are doing it, even if it seems only staged sometimes. For me it stays an open debate. And this is a discussion going on since the 70's. Should the news and the internet in this case, not stop showing material that can be interpreted like publicity for such terrorist groups ? ANd what has this kind of glorification of terrorist attacks to do with freedom of expression ? http://www.kataebaqsa1.com/arabic/
Some will answer that in  the terorist groups list of the US http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/2004/37191.htm (40) are some that are now going political, even if it not in their own name. At the other side, those fanatics have no respect whatever for our democracy, lifestyle and culture and accept no discussion or contradiction as this shows http://www.neildoyle.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=news...  (also a description of an action against sites linked to Hamas) at the other side
There are two approaches. One is closing them down, one by one and tells you how you could do the same http://haganah.org.il/harchives/003133.html The advantage of this approach is that is legal and not based upon hacking or virus, ddos attacks (like linux lovers did against SCO) and that can destabilize the whole internet. And if you look in their database, you will see that they have already closed down numerous of them http://haganah.org.il/jihadi/  and their news http://haganah.org.il/haganah/  that seems to be somewhat coloured (well, if you seem linked to the Jewish Defense League what can you expect ?) But whatever, I respect their legal approach that I prefer to the cyberwar hackers from both sides wage against each other.
The other site that is watching is more neutral and business like (because it is selling the collected information to the secret services around the world that don't have the money to keep an permanent internet watch on all these terrorist linked sites, chat rooms, newsletters and so on) http://www.siteinstitute.org/  and beside the newslinks, it has the publications, translations and multimedia from the different war and terror fronts that we have worldwide. The terrorist websites are here http://www.siteinstitute.org/websites.html 
based on the article  http://www.wired.com/news/privacy/0,1848,66708,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

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