belgium is the first to block viruses ISP wise

Yes, we are a small country (that is hosting the European Commission, NATO and Shape, EuroClear and so on) and yes it is something that will be have to be built up stone by stone and yes it is first and foremost to hold off wormbased attacks and protect the simple users that just want to do some surfing, banking and some of that stuff.
but we are, believing the director of the internet storm center, the first to put an internet watch center under the guidance of the regulator of the same industry, not some freestanding association without any cloud, even if they can count on much goodwill.
The Belgian Telecom law to be voted in the belgian federal parliament in the weeks to come will have in it the obligation for the ISP's to protect their networks and to protect their users and to install a Belgian Internet Storm Center. Thanks, Phillippe De Coene for the courage and insight. Thanks, for listening and acting. This is what political activism and these blogs are about, hoping that someday someone somewhere will change something for the better and that some ideas or parts of it can find its way. www.veiligecomputer.be
this means that if all goes well, belgian pc's will have an antivirus and firewall on their pc, that identified viruses will be stopped at the gateways of the ISP's before coming to a pc and that an internet storm watch center can bring all that know how and goodwill together so in 2 years from here we can say 'my mother worked on the internet and read all her mail and didn't get a virus'.  Just like tapping water.
manifest.skynetblogs.be   virusalerts.skynetblogs.be (2004 the comparaison with the bipt)
now, just one step to go and than the big work can begin
that day I will open a bottle of champagne

http://www.dekamer.be/kvvcr/showpage.cfm?section=|flwb|re...   (dutch, the law)
dutch article  http://www.zdnet.be/news.cfm?id=44288&mxp=88
an article with comments (dutch)  http://www.security.nl/article/10439

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