the next internet belongs to Microsoft, they say

the whole fuss and misleading articles that make even more fuss and discussions that aren't always very intelligent or open-minded (more fuss) comes from an patent-alert (patent USP 6,101,499, filed in 1998 and issued to Microsoft in 2000) from patent(and microsoft)fighting groups that claim that MS has patented the IPv6 standard.
- IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol (that makes networks work) that will make it also able to attach everything (even your tv or microwave) to the internet and to it more intelligently than now -
microsoft says it didn't patent IPv6 and some engineers say that the patent is IPv4 (the actual norm) based - but others say that it can put a patent on the technique of having an internet connection from the moment you put your cable in the box, which would be typical for IPv6
and so it goes back and forth
only one smart line in this article, you have to be a patent lawyer to be sure what is patent is about and what you can do with this patent
maybe microsoft can put the patent on 'always free for the ipv6 environment'
btw  ipv6 is like a fata morgana, each time they say this year is the year of ipv6 but each year it is next year (not to say that you shouldn't start preparing)

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