we don't need any cybercrime laws (uk)

Superintendent Mick Deats, deputy head of the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU), believes that other laws are already more effective at tackling cybercrime.

"The Computer Misuse Act  is useful but for the types of crimes we deal with, the computer is a large component of cases that focus on blackmail, fraud, a theft or some sort or extortion and we're always going to charge with the more serious offence to get the more serious sentences," Deats said.

The NHTCU claims to have made 200 arrests in 100 joint operations with its international counterparts. However, many of the UK court cases have taken more than three years for prosecutions to occur.


the commercialisation of the hacker and virusworld that is using scams and other fraud mechanism to get rich means that those laws (and those obliging institutions that keep personal and financial records to do more than just their best to keep those safe) is a more fruitful strategy (and giving those specialised units more computers and manpower).

because banks just lose personal information


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