dns poisioning going on and first report

the third wave is going on and the Internet Storm Center has published a first report but that will be adapted throughout the campaigns the commercial spyware-malware gangs are waging against the dns infrastructure of the internet to circumvent the antiphishing and antimalware controls that are being set up everywhere. It is easier to redirect users to a malware server while they are typing ex visa.com than to try to trick them in it or circumvent the controls by via.com or the ISP's themselves.
the effects of the third wave are still rippling through the chain of dns servers. Even the dns server of the hotel where the most important IT security event in the US is being held is being poisioned.
the report is not final and will be adapted throughout the attacks and analysis
you will read that the attackers are using vulnerabilities, default settings, bugs in MS, unix and open source software combined with malware-virus droppings on the NON-PATCHED and NON-secured PC's, whatever the OS
check your pc  www.windowsupdate.com  and update your browser and securityware every time you can
network administrators  : stay, eat, read and sleep before your logs of your traffic and control if your external dns servers are in such a worse state as some are on the .be domain according to security people.

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