more hacking of wireless networks tools

get real - these tools are all over the web  http://www.michiganwireless.org/tools/
so you better get your own wireless network protected or you better get the cables back in
because the benelux is wardriving wireless hacking territory and as shown the wardrivers are very active around here, because there is another site where they actively report accessable wireless points https://wigle.net/gps/gps/GPSDB/onlinemap/?lat1=32.1499&a... 
everything you have to know about wireless security http://www.wardrive.net/ and especially the toolsection http://www.wardrive.net/wardriving/tools  the news seems a bit old but is better here http://www.wardriving.com/
or try this new kind of socializing, know always where your friends are (or shouldn't be) http://www.plazes.com/

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