the wolf in sheep clothes

K-OTik Security, centre français de recherche et de veille en sécurité, annonce le changement de sa structure et de son nom. Il fait désormais office de Security Incident Response Team, connu sous le nom : FrSIRT (French Security Incident Response Team).

so the publishers of exploit code - even before any patch or solution has been found - call themselves now securityguys (hey, lets rob banks and sell our services afterwards as security agents, sound mob technique to me)
and don't be fooled they want money for sending their info before they publish it worldwide so you have the time to prepare yourself for the attacks that will use the published exploit - poc (seems a bit like extorsion to me)
so no, k-otik has nothing to do with security, unsecurity is his business and no, he has nothing to with incident response (they don't make patches or solutions or give practical advice how to defend yourself against those attacks)
and no the center has nothing interesting to put forward, just republishing most of it from elsewhere and getting exploit code out
same opinion
www.linux-france.org/prj/inetdoc/ telechargement/Session2k4.attaque.rapport.pdf

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