dns poision attacks poisions internet trust

there was once a world in which people trusted each other on the internet and what they were doing - not that there weren't any hackers, viruses, flamers and so on - and receiving, and even more between networks - but a minimal trust was and is necessary to keep the internet growing as fast as it did
nowadays it seems more and more that the credo is - trust nobody and trust nothing - to keep your network and data personal and uncompromised
the dns attacks are a perfect example of how it is spreading because it seems that downstream dns servers (those closest to your network or computer) have a blind trust relationship with the bigger dns servers upstream (those of the ISP or the internet infrastructure) and suppose that these dns servers are clean, protected and patched and so on
the only way to rebuild trust is to have national and local security watch centers, alert networks and preventive controlling and a more responsable attitude from everybody in the datachain

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