gps privacy horror stories

there is not another month or we are reading with great hype and enthusiasm the introduction of gps (chips or rfid) hardware in clothes, around kids and dogs or in pda's, cars and so onhas everybody forgotten about the 1984, the bestseller that missed its date with 20 yearsthere should be a right on location privacy, a basic and fundamental right http://www.nextel.com/support/user_guides/agps_privacy_settings_ug.pdf nextel phones privacy gps settings (why doesn't not every hardware with gps has that kind of guide ?) and http://www.admpartners.com/blog/2004/02/nokia_gps_xpres.html - 16k for nokia and the questions aren't new, this article dates from 2003 http://www.bespacific.com/mt/archives/004638.htmlh ttp://www.pocketgps.co.uk/privacyfuture.php from 2002 and in 2003 an american was standing trial because he stalked a girl with a gps receiver in her car http://www.thelenreid.com/articles/article/art_61_idx.htm an US article with casesan australian article about kids privacy and gps http://www.bespacific.com/mt/archives/004638.html does your mother know, yeah she will know (for your safety)and so on, there are hundreds of thousands of references in Googlebut not with our lawmakers or technological sheep-leaders following every hype without much reflection

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