free advertising on your nearly free VOIP Phone ?

in the US a firm has launched a new businessmodel with a new VOIP phone with color screen that "cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000. VisiFone, however, will sell for around $100 – which is far below its cost. The cost will be subsidized by advertisers." It is being advertized to possible advertisers with this argument " this dynamic new media channel enables consumers to easily trigger an immediate call-to-action directly from their VisiFone. One-touch auto-dial, print coupons, request more information, download a more in-depth informational video, purchase and other similar response techniques are all as simple and easy as pressing one button on the VisiFone display or by point-and-clicking with the VisiFone's cordless handset/remote."
it looks interesting for egov information strategies but for a bunch of ads to come before and after (during ?) your phone conversations ...... and as we are talking international webwide sales transactions we can face problems with the legal side of consumer protection.
and did we remind you that voip has not much security ..............

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