google webaccelator closed - the controversy not

Thank you for your interest in Google Web Accelerator.
We have currently reached our maximum capacity of users and
are actively working to increase the number of users we can support

http://blog.outer-court.com/archive/2005-05-06-html#n10  you can log in with this on bulletinboards with the nickname of someone else  (and here ?)
http://blog.outer-court.com/forum/7930.html  webapplications are having problems with their links and functions (as it crawls, it clicks automatically on 'delete' and nullifies all you have done)
the best discussion so far with already 130 comments
http://www.perfected.org/archives/2005/05/07/poor-web-applications-and-pre-fetch-security-issues/ how some webapplications use the Get command in a bad way and will be turned inside-upside out by this new tool
webaccelerator changes your 404 page
remember when Verisign changed the 404 traffic
if this stays as it is and isn't changed and adapted this can become the bridge too far

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