the dns attack against GOOGLE

The cost to Google  Given that the company had sales of $1.256 billion in the previous quarter, or about $581,481 an hour, apparently the company lost about $145,370 as a result of the 15 minute outage  
Seems that they were having again DNS problems and that meanwhile the internet browsers were sent to google.com.net by the browsers. Is this a result of dns-poisioning or is it the result of the webbrowsers searching for the nearest name and so poisioning the dns (which is the reason why this was the case until 45 minutes after the dns problems were resolved)
the jury is still out there, but it makes dns attacks even simpler, even in the second case
1. buy any domainname with .com as subdomain
2. Register it in any dns server and searchmachine and get some traffic by interlinking
3. attack the dns servers of the domain
4. the traffic comes to you
the solution is simple  : subdomains like .com.whatever can't be identical to .com domains except for their rightful owner
maybe we do need an international domainprotection now that dns attacks are reaching the heart of the way the internet works and the reason why it is build (to find the right information, not to be redirected to some site somewhere even if you type the right name)

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