sober.q will attack again at monday

the attack last week from sober.q has been responsable for crashing mailserver, antispamservers and an overall problematic situation for some of us
from tomorrow on it is being said by the Internet Storm Center and the German Office for IT security that it will send out a new trojan horse and restart new attackts, nobody is really sure what it will be, but networkadministrators can do the following
- do not send out virusalerts or not-delivered notifications because that will just increase the overload, the emailaddresses are false anyway
- do keep an eye out for posts trying to send email to any mailserver they find, try to limit all internal mail to one mailserver (yours or that of your isp) and stop all other mailtraffic at your firewall. An infected station will try to send mail to anyone
- put filters in your email (see http://virusalerts.skynetblogs.be)
- keep a close eye on your mail and if problematic, try to ask users not to send big attachments
keep cool, work systematically and do not open things you didn't ask for

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