the SMB worm didin'com (yet )

the alarm was maybe hype, but if it did awake some to patch their systems, the better.
It is not because the big superworm didn't show up, that attacks aren't happening. Just like the Internet storm center and the British Cert we have to point out that if you are a financial institution or part of critical infrastructure or have personal financial information, you will be attacked but in a very low-key professional way that may even be personalised just for one or several of your staff (and no one else). So if you are such an institution, you will have to close down even further the internet access and the mail usage or seperate completely the access to these systems and the internal systems (by building two different networks).
and if it was a lousy pr trick by Gartner, who will believe them next time around ? Or any of us, even based upon real indications ?
by the way, are you completely patched yet   www.windowsupdate.com

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is the netx blaster or sasser coming this weekend ?

we will and can not know if this prediction by Gartner http://www.computerworld.com/securitytopics/security/stor... is just hype or based on real research.  There are reasons to doubt it because the internet storm center doesn't show this spectacular increase in activity on port 445 the last days http://www.dshield.org/port_report.php?port=445
but altogether, we should take it seriously, even if it is only for testing and organising the network defensively in case it happens and if it doesn't than we have checked how we could organised to get everybody doing the things he ought to do to protect his pc, server and we the network.  so go to www.windowsupdate.com, installa a free software antivirus www.free-av.com and the free homeversion of zone-alarm www.zonealarm;com or activate your service pack2 of xp.
If you have also forgotten about sasser, you can look here

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