belgian sites are also under hack attack - wake up

http://www.s-o-l.be/   linux  http://zone-h.org/en/defacements/view/id=2744061/
and 6 hours later nobody noticed or changed anything
is there somebody still sleeping or on holiday
but here you see that the sites in our domain are also falling as flies in what seems to be automated scanning and hacking attacks (you will have to patch, patch, patch and watch, watch watch) 


the attacks are going on against linux, windows 2003, BSD as windows 2000 and seem to be part of exploit-using robots scanning the net.
What is worrying is that some sites seem not to be reinstalled and seem to be hacked now since 10 days. This way they can be used in the next worm attacks people are warning against for next week. It also shows that administrators and hosters are not having any attention to their sites and aren't even alerted when a sites is changed and do no logging control whatsoever. As it seem to be robotbased, they seem also not to be patched. The most worrying thing is that some of them seem to be official EU projects, E commerce sites or sites that have personal and financial information.
I have helped putting together the famous security amandements for ISP's in the Telecommunication law (ISP's will in Belgium have to protect for free their clients from viruses, spam and attacks). I think it is about time the hosting firms and sites with personal or financial information are under the same obligation whoever handles this kind of information in the normal business life. An equal playing field.


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