belgian sites hacked - who is attacking

http://www.eyepea.be/  uruguyian hacker known as gb.network@gmail.com and if you google this network you will see that this guy is very active in vulnerability databases and exploit discussions (php for example for which there are different automatic worms active) In particular the one http://www.webhostingtalk.nl/showthread/t-73581.html against http://phpfirstpost.sourceforge.net he discovered and gives direct rights fot the attacker
and he has taken over a bulletin board for messages http://boards4.melodysoft.com/app?ID=xf0r0x
http://incentiv.be/  hacked by the Iranians of which max666 (other work by him http://www.ezrailblack.blogfa.com/ of google max666 + hack), but if you look at another hacker T4Z3V43D and google him, you will see that sites are  hacked that are humanist of nature (artconservationsolutions.com, www.deafblindinternational.org, ) although some have not updated their google cache which still indicated that they were hacked and if you click the link it isn't there anymore
It is also clear if you look at the sites that although it seems mostly just to be the changing of a page by another that some don't wanna learn because they are redefaced afterwards, which means that they didn't patch their system yet.
still hacked  http://15nov2005.be/  since 30 july  and in the list there are many others
my own finds
http://www.maisondelanaissance.be/Commentaires.asp   a comment page that has been hacked and used by armenian hackers for their comments
http://www.rarefish.be/guestbook.php  another guestbook hacked, now by a turk
http://www.lugburz.be/v3/LugburzInn/guestbook.asp?PageNr=2  infected by a chinese bot
http://www.n-vatienen.be/  gehacked
www.carlsonwagonlit.be  gehacked
www.n-va.be/tienen  gehacked
an ULB subsite http://www.candiulb.be/myfiles/edit.php?op=edit&f=ind...= the hack is written in the code
http://www.lacambre-archi.be/crt/  hacked
http://www.nicoll.be/nl/  niet langer defaced

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